I remember the excitement of registering for the 2015 Christian Communicators Conference.

I also remember Cynthia Owen’s gracious email offering to add me to the waiting list. The conference filled up fast. I was too slow…or was I? The big reveal is at the end of the story.

In the past, waiting was hard for me.

Waiting for our soldier-son’s weekly phone call from Iraq was hard. Waiting month after month for him to come home alive was harder. Waiting for our youngest son to make better choices was hard. Waiting months for his sentencing to start a possible 14 year prison term was harder. Waiting for God to use me is hard. Waiting for God to use me when I worry too much is harder.

Waiting often opens the door to worry. Worry displays no manners. Worry would never pass Carolyn’s etiquette class! Worry barges into your thought life like a big bully. His little bully-buddies pick at you and call you names. Those little bullies are doubts, insecurity, failure or hopelessness. They are powerful and paralyzing.

This wait, however, was different. I actually thanked Cynthia for adding me to the waiting list. Through the previous hard and harder waiting seasons, my faith grew. I witnessed God’s faithfulness and perfect purpose in all things. I discovered that waiting is always worth it.

When my plan to attend CCC appeared to derail, worry quickly knocked at my door. Faith answered and worry fled.

Faith kept me focused on God’s purpose, more than my plans.

Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’S purpose that prevails.” – Proverbs 19:21 NIV

Guess what?  I am a 2015 CCC graduate—the waiting was worth it!

No, this is not the big reveal. Keep reading.

At the conference, my coaching practice came into focus. The year-long fog lifted. My path became clear. I discovered my passion is to help women lose their worry and effectively share their story with confidence and clarity. I desire to help women live their wonderful!

But here is the big reveal!  God’s larger purpose overshadowed my big plans to attend CCC. Attending the conference was just the beginning for me. He soon opened the door for Lori Boruff from Aledo, Illinois to become a CCC co-director! I am excited to team up with Vonda, Carolyn, Sherry, Tammy and our efficiency addict, Cynthia. We believe God’s purpose is bigger than we envision and we wait with grateful hearts as it unfolds.

I am also eagerly waiting to meet you—my CCC sisters, and witness God’s big reveal in your lives!

The waiting is worth it!

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When has waiting been hard? How has God’s purpose prevailed?

Lori Boruff