“Really, God? You want me to do what?”

When my God-sized dream started to stir–that was my reaction.

I believe God calmly nodded YES, Lori.

Now, years have passed by. My time is spent cultivating the ground, sowing seeds, and caring for the dream God planted in my heart many moons ago. Time for the harvest is nearing.

He has given me a passion for women who desire to tell their stories of hope and faith but find themselves stuck in fear and lacking confidence. My heart draws close the fainthearted—to the woman who feels like giving up.  

Fear Has No boundaries

New and seasoned speakers face that wall of fear while disappointment detours them back to their comfort zone.  It’s in that comfort zone that their stories remain untold. Comfort zones are like graveyards where hope dies.

When hope dies, precious lives are lost in a dark and confusing world.

It’s hope that changes things and the world needs to hear stories of hope!

God has given me a big vision to help transform womens’ fear into faith through conferences, retreats, social media and coaching.  This, however, has been a long journey giving me better understanding of the woman who longs for a breakthrough, or who is weary of waiting.  

When God plants that dream and begins stirring your heart,  it’s exciting to envision the celebration at the end! The hard part is waiting for his perfect timing to celebrate.  

The Middle of Your God-sized Dream Requires FAITH

When I look to the creator of my dream, he’s still calmly nodding—YES, Lori.  Every day, I’m thankful for the women He sends and allows me to guide from worry to wonderful.

I am sensing my faith in the middle will produce an abundant harvest and a big celebration!

Hang on—your God-sized dream requires faith in the middle and ends with a celebration!

Lori Boruff