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Faith In The Middle

“Really, God? You want me to do what?” When my God-sized dream started to stir--that was my reaction. I believe God calmly nodded YES, Lori. Now, years have passed by. My time is spent cultivating the ground, sowing seeds, and caring for the dream God planted in my...

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Waiting is worth it!

I remember the excitement of registering for the 2015 Christian Communicators Conference. I also remember Cynthia Owen’s gracious email offering to add me to the waiting list. The conference filled up fast. I was too slow…or was I? The big reveal is at the end of the...

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When Life Gives You Lemons – Make Lemonade!

Gayle Zinda - Guest Blogger We have all heard that, and it’s a good idea. Life’s lemons can be sweetened into beautiful lemonade or they can make you sour…but how? The best way to sweeten life’s lemons is a relationship with Jesus Christ and an understanding that: I...

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Feeling the Pain

Dawn Scott (Jones) Damon - Guest Blogger I didn’t understand the severe impact sexual abuse had on me. For years I wasn’t able to grasp the depth of my pain. I knew something was wrong, yet I rejected the possibility that it was connected to my childhood sexual abuse....

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